Muzeum Historyczno-Etnograficzne im. Juliana Rydzkowskiego w Chojnicach

The family open-air museum

„ (...) In this farm in Małobór, where once there were even horses, Józef’s works can be found now, not only sculptures and paintings, although these can be discovered in every corner.

A peculiar cluster of them is the orchard – the fairy-tale garden – a corner of Kashubian paradise, where everyone is mesmerized by the rich collection of old and new beehives decorated by Józef with sculptures and paintings, of which few are settled by bees, as busy as their owner. (…)

/Professor  J.Boszyszkowski, Moi mistrzowie i przyjaciele, Instytut Kaszubski, Gdańsk, 2015, page 229/