Muzeum Historyczno-Etnograficzne im. Juliana Rydzkowskiego w Chojnicach

2017 - Cultural heritage. Folk and traditional culture

Chełmowski, projekt

In 2017, according to its programme, the Museum in Chojnice will continue the project devoted to knowledge of the works of Józef Chełmowski. The 2nd stage of the project is entitled: Józef Chełmowski. Research query with an inventory of the works in private collections and at the artist’s home. Continuation. The project is also co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, as part of the programme: Cultural heritage. Folk and traditional culture.

We are using this website to invite collectors – folk art lovers and private owners of the works of Józef Chełmowski, to contact the museum in Chojnice and enable us to prepare a descriptive and photographic documentation of the works owned by them, in order to expand the catalogue of the Artist's works.

The application form can be found under the tab: Contact.